Shade cloth is also used to protect plants from too much heat from the sun. It is also used to improve the diffusion of light and provide ventilation for the plants.

One of the important aspects to consider when selecting a shade cloth is the colour. Shade cloth colour influences the growth of various plants.

Black 70%

Agricultural shade net is used to provide shade against sunlight and to control the temperature. In East Africa especially where it can get very hot, it can be used to keep crops from the direct sun. Agricultural shadenet keeps air underneath cool and helps retain soil moisture. It is also known to keep birds away from destroying crops.

During heavy rains, agricultural shadenet is a good solution to prevent great damage on flowers and delicate branches from falling off.

Our shade net is strong and durable and it has been made to resist UV rays. lt provides protection from sun and reduction of heat.

Its life-longevity also makes it suitable for other kinds of work such as mushroom farms, chicken farms, greenhouses, nurseries, buildings, shrimp farms, fisheries.

Agricultural Shadenet Features