Pool covers

We fabricate and install custom pool covers made from 600gsm pvc. This is a high tenacity polyester base cloth, coated on both sies with pvc.

There is a special additive on the pvc to block the harsh African sun’s uv rays.

There are special anti-fungal additives in the base cloth to prevent ugly “wicking” which would otherwise reduce the life span of the cover.

Pool covers almost eliminate evaporation, chemical and electricity costs.

They are a big advantage when the pool is not in use because they help save water and keep it clean for the next swimming session

Sbf offers the best and most practical pool cover solutions

Our prices are very competitive.

We use the best quality materials which has extra high uv protection for maximum possible life.

We have three colour options: blue, grey, beige

We have two types of pool covers namely:

a) The standard pool cover

This has a series of eyelets around the hemmed perimeter.

Hooks are placed through the eyelets and these hooks are slipped into slotted holes on a steel plate that is screwed into the paving/deck surrounding the pool.

The advantage of the cover option is the affordable price

b) the taught pool cover

These covers have aluminium poles that run the width of the cover.

Ratchet straps are attached to the end poles and bolted to the paving.

The cover is tensioned to a taught state by tightening the ratchets.

The advantage of this cover is ease of use and safety

We can install for the client if required – or the client can do a self-install if preferred.

We supply all the installation attachments required.
Pool covers offer safety around the area as well as keep dirt and uv out of the pool.

They are also very easy to remove and re-install.

They can be made in any shape and design.