Sail shades are adaptable to all different sizes, so no matter what size area you have there is a sail option for you. Even in tough weather conditions our sails passed the test, standing up to heavy rain and winds.

Not only will you be protected, but also the equipment you use; shade structures offer a means of protecting your playground equipment from the additional wear cause by full-on sun exposure.

But exactly how much cooler does a shade sail make your space? This is something to consider. The shade provided by the tension canopy design of our shade sails reduce the temperature by 10 to 15 degrees. The breathable material of the shades don’t trap heat under the sails. They even do a good job of circulating the air based on industry standards.

What Are Your Shade Options?

Our experts can help you choose from the wide variety of sail shades that we have. You tell us what size your playground is and will help you work out the right structure. We can even customize certain models of sail shades depending on what your needs are.

Playground Sail Shades Pricing

Pricing for sail shades isn’t shown on this page because there are so many variables involved in the pricing, including the size of the area you would like to shade; the number of shade canopies you need; the number of posts you would like; and the height of the canopies. To get an idea of the cost of your project, just contact us on +254798882837, and we can talk to you about options and pricing.

Colors Available

Many different colors are available for the vertical posts and the canopies. You can mix and match to your heart’s content!

Financing Your Sail Shade Purchase

We also understand that this is a big purchase for many organizations and the funds for the project may not be as immediate as the need, which is why we offer options for financing.  Call us at +254798882837 for pricing and model options. Click here to see our gallery of other playground shades.