Interiors design
and Outdoor Solutions

Who we are

SBF Interiors is a leading global interior and outdoor solutions company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We aim to deliver excellent customer service and maintain quality workmanship.

we are experienced and versatile brand in the industry with a fully equipped team of professionals. We also ensure that our work integrates the latest, most innovative cutting edge designs tailored to fit your specific requirements

With numerous successful completed projects and designs, SBF ranks top in the sector and in the region

Our Mission

To provide inclusive customer focused solutions which are made to serve and satisfy clients

Our vision

To be the market leader in provision of unique and innovative interior and outdoor solutions in the industry

Our Core values




Timely delivery.

Customer satisfaction.



We are a holistic interior decor company with an eye for crisp finishes that will blow your mind and offer an high end experience. Contact us for an all round apartment interior and exterior finishes

Car Parking Shade

Our car parking shade are fitted with durable, all whether round materials and comes with a warranty for maintenance in case of a breakage. Lets get your vehicle a new shade and enhance the vehicle longevity

Interior & Outdoor

Our interior & Outdoor solutions entails interior designs, interior decorating, interior architecture, project management, renovations, interior fit out works, Space planning, furnishing, consultancy etc