If you are looking for sun protection for patios and balconies, then look no further than a Folding Arm Awning. We offer a number of different types to suit your size requirements and installation positions.

There are a variety of accessories for our Folding Arm Awnings including protective cassettes or pelmetspowder coating frames and motorization options.

What is a Folding Arm or Retractable?

There are many types of outdoor blinds available on the market today. A very popular style is the Folding Arm or Retractable Awning.

They are retractable and can be fastened to a structure. They have 2 or more folding arms which extend the fabric outwards on a horizontal plane with optional pitch adjustments.

They come in 3 categories…..Full Cassette, Semi-Cassette and Standard.

They are a great outdoor blind solution for people looking to extend their outdoor entertainment area, improve aesthetics, and provide protection from the sun and rain.

What is the difference between a Full Cassette, Semi-Cassette and Standard Folding Arm?

Folding Arm Awnings can be categorized into three distinct types – Full Cassette, Semi-Cassette and Standard.

A Full Cassette Folding Arm Awning is fully enclosed by its headbox and bottom bar when it is completely retracted. Its headbox encapsulates most of its internal components such as its fabric, tube, folding arms, tubular motor..etc. When it is closed, the bottom bar closes the rest of the folding arm and the cassette is completely sealed.

Benefits and Drawbacks.

They have numerous benefits and some drawbacks.

Benefits include;

Drawbacks include;

This could be considered the best of both worlds out of the three types of folding arm awnings.

As the name suggests, this uses a semi cassette and therefore is partially encapsulated by its headbox.

The semi covered portion of the awning is generally the upper half. It consists of two parts – the actual fixed headbox and the bottom bar, which integrates together when retracted to form a semi outer cover.

They also have a crossbar which is attached to the arms. Unlike the full cassette type, this allows more flexibility when placing mounting brackets. This potentially saves you on the installation costs.

Semi Cassette, Benefits and Drawbacks.

Semi Cassette Folding Arm Awnings have numerous benefits and some drawbacks.

Benefits Include;

Drawbacks include;

  • The arms and fabric are still visible from the underside of the awning. This is only a drawback if you are wanting the components to be completely hidden when it is closed.
  • Even though they are cheaper than the full cassette version they are still relatively more expensive than your Standard Folding Arm Awnings.

Standard Folding Arm

In Kenya, a standard folding arm awning uses a basic model folding arm design that does not have any type of cassette headbox attached to it. This has basically 2 or more retractable arms, fabric and tube, cross bar design with bottom bar and valance options. This style does have the option of a colorbond sheet headbox to protect it from elements when fully retracted.

Benefits Include;

Drawbacks include;