A wall mounted parasol is convenient as it’s attached to the wall and is very easy to put up and down. Notably, no base is required either. It does mean that you’ll need to have the space you want to cover (like a seating area or table) near to the wall. And of course, once it’s attached to the wall, you won’t be able to take it off so easily unless you unscrew it.

If you’re looking for a wall mounted parasol, our squared polyester canopy doubles up as a great space-saver. A wall bracket is included and once closed, the canopy lies against the wall.

Create some shade and protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays with our wall-mounted garden parasol. Easy to assemble, you’re able to tilt the parasol to block the sun.


This parasol is very useful for small terraces or on your balcony.

We all love the sun, but sometimes the sun beats and the shade becomes a relief. You create the shadow where you want it, in the right place, at the right time, just enough, not too much. So the wall-mounted sunshade is a perfect solution, which will offer you unprecedented flexibility in the field of shadow creation.