Features and Benefits.


While the elements can present a real issue, unwanted guests on your property are a much more serious problem. With a privacy screen/windbreak, your home is protected from unwanted guests entering your property without your permission. Our SHADE NET panels also block 100% of harmful UV rays.


As a homeowner, you already have plenty of chores and home improvement projects that need to be taken care of. An SHADE NET privacy screen/windbreak is maintenance free.


Do you have noisy neighbors? Is there constantly construction going on in your neighborhood? A privacy screen/windbreak can help that. It acts as a sound barrier, keeping unwanted noise out of your yard, ideal for when you are relaxing outside.

The overwhelming demand for SHADE NET products prompted us to expand our production facility. This expansion allowed us to bring more of the manufacturing process in house, drastically reducing the time it takes to build a Sunroom and ensure the highest level of quality in our products.

The demand for PRIVACY SCREEN products continues to grow and our team continues growing to meet it. Isn’t it interesting that the price of installing a privacy screen/fence has increased only slightly over the last 5 years, providing more and more homeowners with options to comfortably add to their outdoor space! At SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED, our Factory Trained Installers have designed and built millions of square feet worth of indoor/outdoor living spaces for our customers to enjoy year after year.

Contact SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS today to get started on bringing your dreams to life with an indoor/outdoor living space customized to suit your property. That’s luxury you deserve.