Our backyard should be a place where we can enjoy our afternoons completely relaxed in the company of our family members or friends. Unfortunately, most often this seems to be a quite tricky pursuit, so, instead of enjoying our privacy, we are surrounded by nosy neighbours and numerous passers-by. Regardless of size, we all need some privacy!

Similar to Shade Sails in structure but PRIVACY SCREENS are used to block the view from your neighbours.

There is no question whether or not these screens will create privacy and the shade cloth/Shade Net can be changed to a colour that will suit your home best.

These screens will also protect you from harmful sun rays or glare during the afternoon or morning.

Privacy Screens don’t require a lot of work to construct and they are an entirely affordable idea. On top of that, this privacy screens are custom-made as per the profile of the area to be covered, thus giving the client a chance to express their creativity and be proud of the project once it has been finished. All you need to do is think about the colours you find relaxing and choose the one that will match your patio furniture adding that final touch to your backyard and make your patio furniture serve as a stunning accessory to your backyard.

As you can see, creating privacy doesn’t have to be that hard if you know some useful tricks that can help you. Therefore, take our suggestions as an inspiration and try to find out which option works the best for you. We guarantee you that you’ll enjoy your backyard privacy more than anything else.