Retractable awnings offer the benefits of fixed canopies but can be retracted when not in use, prolonging their lifespan and keeping them looking new. The side arms are used to prop the awning up at different angles so they can be adjusted to provide continuous shade. As with most awnings they can come with or without a scallop/valance and are available in a wide variety of colours.

The fully adjustable and fully retractable Fall Arm awning allows you to control the sun’s heat and rays while adding color and dimension to your home or business.

Each Fall Arm is custom made to be an attractive addition which can be adjusted 160 degrees – from almost full coverage for maximum protection and privacy to fully retract when you want to take advantage of the elements.

The Fall Arm Awnings provide effective protection from solar an UV rays offering a stylish way to block out uncomfortable heat and glare. Drop Arm Awnings provide effective sun control and shading as well as these benefits:

Canvas Drop Arm Awnings

Drop Arm Awnings are similar to Fold arm retractable awnings but with different functionality.  You have the freedom to open and close the drop arm awning. Allowing some sunlight in or blocking it off completely.

All of our products are made of the highest quality materials. This will ensure that you, our customer, receives a product that you will be happy with, and that will last you a long time.