Roller Blinds

Able to reduce indoor room temperature, often by as much as 20 degrees during hot season, thus reducing air conditioning costs. In cooler weather, solar screens can be raised to allow sun’s warmth to enter and warm the room – something that window tints cannot do. They help to reduce sun’s flare while preserving the view and minimizes interior fading of floors, carpets, decking and furniture caused by UV rays

Roller blinds have become increasingly popular in Kenya over the past few years for the many benefits they offer. Roller binds make use of a pulley like roller system that controls the up and down vertical movement of the selected fabric. This movement is usually operated by either a chain or wirelessly through a remote.

Aside from homes, roller blinds are also an extremely popular option for offices and businesses. Our office roller blinds are practical, simple and easy to use, thus making them a fuss-free solution.

Our roller blinds come in different colours, textures, patterns and fabrics. We offer different degrees of transparency with our wide range of fabrics; offering fabrics from single coloured ones to fabrics with designs, to suit your home preferences and concept. For home owners who want complete privacy and light control, our roller blinds also come in blackout and dim out fabrics that completely conceal your home from the outside world.

Besides the manual pulley chain system, we also offer motorized systems and several other operating systems, such as the pulley system, spring chain, spring system, single cord and ultra-spring chain. We also have cordless roller blinds for increased child and pet safety.

All roller blinds can be mounted inside or outside the window frame, or even directly on the ceiling.

Benefits of Blinds

One of the biggest draw about roller binds is just how easy they are to maintain. Because Roller Blinds are essentially a sheet of fabric, you can easily wipe them off (if it’s of a waterproof fabric) or vacuum it off if it gets dusty.

As there are numerous components to a roller blind, there are adaptable solutions to flexible uses that you may have. For example, a fire retardant fabric would work well for a kitchen, while a blackout fabric works for the bedroom. Fabric with UV protection are suitable for the living room or office. With various customizations and options, you will be able to find one that suits your needs.