Straight drop awnings represent the ultimate in design and function, providing UV protection, air flow control and ease of operation. This Awnings provide flexibility, perfect for two storey homes or higher to allow for consistent visual aesthetics

Roll-down shades offer the flexibility of shade when you want it and open views when you don’t.

Many similar retail products are very affordable, however they fade badly in just a few years.


Outdoor sunscreen mesh blinds are a modern alternative to conventional window coverings which diffuse light and add a streamlined appearance to your home.

Spend a little more money and get a sunscreen mesh that lasts longer, and mechanical pieces that are more reliable


External straight drop blinds or awnings offer a smart and stylish solution for controlling external heat and light in any building. We offer a complete range of external blinds including sunscreen mesh, canvas and clear PVC in custom made sizes for any project.

Each blind can be manufactured with a range of options such as; tie down straps, flush mount fitting, side channels, stainless steel side guide cables, cassette head box’s or side tracks. For added convenience, each system can be either manually operated or motorized with the option of fully automated sun and wind sensors.

Blinds are made to size. For a more accurate quote, please call us on +25498882837 or complete the online form on our Contact page, specifying your measurements/requirements.

What are the benefits of a straight drop awning V a folding arm awning?

Straight drop awnings are a lower price point that a folding arm awning. They are specifically designed for heat protection and not to ‘extend’ your living space like a folding arm awning.

How does a straight drop awning work?

There are a range of different operating systems for straight drop awnings such as manual crank operation, spring operation, internal winch operation and motorised operation (both battery and hardwired options).

Straight drop awnings are available in the following styles: