There are also many practical benefits that cobblestone paver driveways can provide over concrete driveways. Here are just a few benefits of cobblestone driveway pavers.


Reclaimed cobblestone pavers are extremely strong and durable. They can withstand the weight of a vehicle over a long period of time without cracking or becoming damaged. Additionally, they can withstand the elements, and will go years without needing replacement in even harsh environments. This longevity and durability of cobblestone pavers can be seen in cobblestone roads around the world that have withstood the test of time, including roads in Europe which are hundreds of years old that are still in use today.

Stain Resistant

Another benefit of cobblestone pavers is that they can be sealed using a paver sealer to make them resistant against stains. Staining is a common problem with concrete driveways, as oil spills, tire marks, and various leaks from vehicles can easily discolor concrete. With concrete driveways, these stains can be extremely difficult to remove, requiring a great deal of scrubbing to hopefully remove the stain. Fortunately, this is a less likely scenario with cobblestone, as cobblestone driveways are much more difficult to stain once they have been sealed. Additionally, any spills that do occur can be easily removed due to the simplicity of repairing cobblestone paver driveways.

Easy Repairs

An additional problem with concrete driveways is that they can be extremely difficult to repair. Should a concrete driveway become damaged, cracked, and/or discolored, driveway replacement is usually the only way to return your driveway to its previous look and strength; however, this is not the case with cobblestone paver driveways. While pavers are extremely durable, should one of your pavers become damaged or stained, the individual paver can be easily removed or replaced. This makes maintaining a cobblestone paver driveway much simpler, easier, and more cost-effective over the long-term. Should your driveway begin to look worn down, replacing individual pavers can return it to its original glory without having to replace your entire driveway.

As you can see, just because ordinary cabro driveways are one of the most popular driveway options, this does not necessarily make them the superior option as there are many ways in which cobblestone pavers can prove to be the better choice. From giving you more freedom of design, to being the more durable and cost-effective option over time, there are many reasons why homeowners choose cobblestone over concrete driveways

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