The shade net for garage/carport/car shade use is an economical alternative to protect areas of your property from the excessive sun.

Prevents your car body from suffering severe damage from the sun

Our shade net/mesh provide a resistant and durable protection against the UV.

Excessive and prolonged sun can seriously damage the exterior and interior of your car. Therefore the shade net/ mesh for is an optimal option so that the rays of sun do not directly affect the surfaces. Protecting the car from the sun is critical especially in the hottest months. Your car is a valuable asset to you. Being new or having had it for years, what you want is to maintain your car in good shape. Especially during the months of higher temperatures, it is essential to protect the car from the sun’s rays, especially in parking areas, where they remain several hours.

The shade net for parking protects the body and the interiors of your car.

What is the process by which the sun damages your car?

Our shade net material offers protection to your car preventing bird droppings from falling on the car.

Insects, bird droppings and tree resins can be deposited on the surface of the car. Because of the heat these very acidic organic elements decompose, stick to the varnish, corrode and deteriorate the body in a deep and permanent way. The stains that occur affect the varnish and end up staining and discoloring the car.

So remember that even looking for the shade parking under the trees, brings many inconveniences.

Persistent heat can cause damage to the body of your car. Because of the heat, the coating on the car and the plastic elements are especially affected.

If the paint is exposed for a long time to the direct sun it is ruined, over time the transparent layer is broken, and the car ceases to be shiny. Care must also be taken of all plastic elements that deform with high temperatures, cracking. They can be worn and even broken, such as plastic window seals, which then cause water seeps during rains. Plastic door seals are also altered by heat and cause noises. The windscreen wipers can also be damaged.

If you also use products to polish the car, remember that these also leave a layer that with the heat overheats and stains the varnish.

All interior parts of the car also suffer exposure to the sun’s rays.

The dashboard and seats, whether plastic or leather, for example, dry and can crack and lose the original color.

Ultimately in the long run the paint fades and becomes opaque and the internal plastics dry and can break.

Also it is not uncommon that some electrical parts also suffer from a long exposure to the sun.

If you do not have a closed place to store the car, and you park it outdoors for a long time, under the sun, it is best to protect your car under a shade made using shade net cloth. Remember also that it is advisable to wash the car under the shade. In fact if the surface is very hot, the shampoo foam dries very quickly creating spots. Even if it rains and drops on the car, if it is not in a place protected by the shadow, it can create halos and alterations of the color of the painting.