Modern shade sails is not only an advanced tool but also quite versatile. Triangular and square are the most common types of this shading structure. Both of the types can be used for creating different effects.

Uses of triangular and square shade sails

Opt for triangular sails for more interesting designs

Triangular shade sails are more preferred for creating aesthetical designs because they look more appealing. Therefore, one may use these tools at poolside, rooftop, at the entrance of a house etc.

Square shade sails are more suitable for covering a huge area

If your objective is to get more of functional benefits than aesthetic look, square sails will serve a better purpose. This type of fabric tool covers a larger surface area. They also come in larger sizes than the triangular ones. So they are ideal for block area, car shade etc. Interesting designs can also be created by installing them in a definite pattern. You can hire a shade sails installer in from SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED  for creating beautiful designs.


Home, Hospitality & Commercial Spaces

The benefit of shade sails is that the shade cloth fabric DOES NOT NECESSARILY require the support of structural steel.