Outdoor living gardens, sometimes also referred to as outdoor living room are functional spaces created in our backyards. They are perfect spot for drinking morning coffee or sipping a glass of wine in the evening.

Living in Nairobi Kenya, we use our outdoor spaces just as much as we use the inside of our home. And since housing prices here in the city are sky high, making the most of our yard and creating an extension of our home is a must.

While most people use their back patio for outdoor dining, others prefer to create different seating areas for entertaining. Some people actually never eat outdoors unless it’s sitting out by the fire pit grazing on small bites.

Having friends and neighbors over happens very often. So, creating an outdoor living room that functions as an extension of your indoor living space makes it more enjoyable when the weather is nice.

And since some backyard patios are pretty large, people chose to create two separate seating areas. This allows for more intimate conversation groupings as well as an area for the kids to hang out on their own. Some people tend to start the evening on the sofa and work our way over the fire pit and pull up extra seating as the night goes on.


Decorating and furnishing your outdoor living space doesn’t have to be expensive if you procure the services of SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED! I’m sure you’ve requested other interior design companies in regards to creating beautifully styled outdoor living rooms and had a bit a price shock.

You can have have champagne taste on a beer budget, and still get the look you want without sacrificing style.