Cabro blocks are typically made of concrete or clay, though other composite materials are also used. Each has its own means of construction. The biggest difference is the way they set hard ready for use. A clay brick has to be fired in a kiln to bake the brick hard.

Cabro Paving Blocks in Kenya

We do proper ground levelling to avoid rain water from stagnating on your yard, and thoroughly compact the ground to avoid depressions when cars move on the pavers.

For heavy duty roads, 80mm and 100mm thick blocks are used. For light duty roads such as driveways to private residences, tented shelters and car parks, 50mm/60mm thick is appropriate.

Coloured Cabro paving blocks Kenya

Are you looking for cabros paving blocks for sale in Kenya or do you want someone to lay cabros for you? You are the right place. At SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED we are cabro laying paving experts in Kenya. We work right from ground preperation to finished work. We have Cabro paving blocks for sale in Nairobi Kenya.

We offer quality cabro / paving blocks supplies and fitting. Both normal and coloured cabros.

Cabro Paving Pricing in Nairobi; Currently, we can supply 50MM-60MM at a cost of Ksh 850-Ksh. 950/= Per square meter. We also supply 80mm at a cost of Ksh. 1,280-Ksh.1,900/= per square meter for the Nairobi and and its environs.

We never compromise on quality, best rates in town