Cabro Works & Turf Grass.

Best Cabro Works & Turf Grass Company Kenya. We are the leading cabro paving blocks works contractors. Our clients are happy with what we do. Get your value from us thank us later.

We have the best Cabro paving blocks/pavement blocks for sale in Nairobi Kenya.

We work right from ground preperation to finished work.

Coloured cabro contractor. We do all designs of cabro for residential and commercial grounds.

Reach us for site visit and work quotation from ground preperation to finished work.

For elegant cabro designs feel free to consult us. we do site visits,get measurements and give quotation. we offer reliable cabro services.

We do cabro paving work for 50mm,60mm and 80mm.

Cabro Blocks Sizes, Specification and Recommendations.

Here’s the recommended cabro blocks sizes.

50 mm thick, 220 x 110 mm size, 295 N/mm2

Recommended for:
Private Drive Ways, Domestic Cars, Parks, Walkways, Patio’s Light. Traffic up to 10 Tons.

60 mm thick, 220 x 110 mm size, 35 N/mm2

Recommended for:
Residential estate Roads, Car Parks, Warehouse, Warehouse floors, shopping malls, Medium Traffic up to 20 Tons.

80 mm thick, 220 x 110 mm size 45N/mm2

Recommended for:
Heavy industrial Factories and Roads, Trailer Car Parks,   Trailer Car Parks, Heavy Traffic up 40 Tons.