We offer different types of high-quality car parking shades for both residential and commercial purposes. Our shades offer maximum protection from harmful sun rays and keep the vehicles dry during the rainy seasons.

Parking shades make outdoor space usable; they protect your property and outdoor equipment from fade and weather damage.

Parking shades also enhance the appearance of premises and add privacy.

Our shades have a guarantee of 10-15 years.

  • Cantilever car parking shades.
  • Arch cantilever shades.
  • Hanging-umbrella parking shades.
  • Umbrella car parking shades.
  • Pyramid car parking shade./double-side ca parking shades.
  • Bottom support parking shades.
  • Wave-type car parking shades.
  • Wall-mounted parking shades.
  • Flash-parking car shades.
  • Sail-type car parking shades.
  • Roof-top car parking shades.