High quality car ports with polycarbonate roof in a choice of finishes. External or integrated rainwater guttering with a choice of colour finishes. Ideal for Domestic or Commercial use

The Carport is a fantastic system that combines simplistic design with quality materials and minimalist aesthetics.

Carports can help protect vehicles such as cars and bikes from rain, falling leaves and bird droppings, keeping your car clean and protected.

Whilst these systems are mostly used to protect cars, they can also be used as fixed roof systems, and used to protect paths and areas underneath them.

All systems are made from high quality material with designs that combine ease of installation, simplistic design, and minimalist yet pleasing aesthetics. They are all manufactured and produced within Kenya and with three different styles to choose from, you can be guaranteed to find one that suits you.

The Carport uses polycarbonate for the roof. Polycarbonate is much lighter than glass, meaning you can have attractive lightweight supports and more flexibility with the size. It can come in both clear or opal design, with a UV protector to protect the covered area below from the suns rays. The rainwater is directed towards the front of these systems, and into the gutters, before being directed down the inside of the legs to the ground. The frameworks can be finished in any  colour, including metallic, woodgrain and neon colours.


 Installation instructions are available upon request.


All of these systems come with a full 10 year warranty and a 25 year life expectancy