People need a car park to shield their car from various weather conditions such as rain, heat, etc. If you are the one searching for a parking shade to shield it from dust, rain and harmful UV rays, then you are recommended to usePVC or knit fabric (HDPE Shadenet material), tensile fabric, polycarbonate etc . These shades will help you secure your car.

Identifying Measurements

The height: In most scenarios, the height is common sense. A tall person will be able to walk easily under the lowest end of the car park shade. A decent height is 2100 mm (7 ft) from the finished ground to the bottom of the lowest end rafter.

The slope: The slope of the roof will be at least 100 mm (4′′). When a material like transparent PVC roof is used, a steeper slope is recommended, since a steeper fall means a quicker run-off of water and thus a cleaner roof.

Get Permits

Be sure you’re going through the right authorities to get plans and permits. It will ensure that the basic health, protection, structural, environmental and heritage criteria are fulfilled in compliance with the local government and the Building Codes.

Material To Design Car Parking Shade

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