Because of light weight and good stress characteristics, it can be designed into a large span space according to the site on the ground. Many large parking sheds use this type of building structure. Such as bus stops, logistics centers, etc.

At present, maximum span of membrane structure buildings is 200 meters. No matter how big the parking lot is, designers from SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED can make the perfect design.

The lightweight and unique shape of CAR SHADE STRUCTURE plays an important role in the construction of the parking lot. In addition to meeting the basic functions of weatherproof and sun-proof, it has strong flame retardancy and high temperature resistance, so outside roof can meet the fire protection claim.

The largest features of the large curved roof carports are high strength, good durability, fire retardant, good cleanliness, no UV radiation, durable, generally 15-30 years. In addition, membrane structure carport can use different color membranes, which can become a very landmark landscape when lighting is used at night.

Our canopy steel structure builders, planners, and structural engineers have extensive experience in space membrane structure design. The creative solutions are novel and unique. We design different tensile fabric roof  according to different architectural purposes, architectural designs and use environments. A membrane structure is a beautiful landscape.

Tensile car shades Mass Coverage Carparks Advantages:

  1. Transparency: (transmittance is 20% or more). Exposure to sunlight does not cause yellowing, fogging, or poor light transmission;
  2. Large space span: Light weight framed fabric structures carport absolutely guarantees the safety of people and objects under the shed;
  3. Weather resistance: The surface has a co-extruded layer of anti-ultraviolet rays to prevent yellowing of the resin caused by solar ultraviolet rays;
  4. Durable: PVDF high-strength building membrane, with a service life of 15-30 years;
  5. Flame retardant: Flame retardant B1
  6. Anti-UV: The sun’s most harmful to the vehicle is not the temperature but the ultraviolet rays, and membranes have the function of preventing ultraviolet rays. As long as the vehicle is placed under the carport, tensioned fabric structure can efficaciously prevent the damage caused by the ultraviolet rays to the vehicle.