SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED is the Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Sliding Gate and metallic grill fences.

A choice of panel manufacturing methods

Welded steel fence panels, with strongest structure, are manufactured by welding intersections together to providing highest strength for preventing against fierce impacts form naughty kids even trespassers.

Component steel fence panels are easy to transport and install when comparing with welded steel fence panels. Most of all, the assembled structure makes them easy to follow the terrain of the ground up to 48″ over an 8′ span without stepping.

A choice of steel fence tops:

Four types of steel fence tops include spear top, flat top, rod top and ornamental top.

Steel fence tops

Picket fencing panels feature pressed spear top to prevent intruders and trespassers climbing over the fence as the way palisade fence does. These panels can provide highest security than panels with other top types.

Basic steel fence panels coming with smooth and flat top, is the most simple structure panels that are widely used as pool fencing, school fencing and parking lost security fencing, etc. It is available for two or three horizontal rails with or without bottom flush for you to choose from.

Rod top fence panels, with straight or staggered rod top, provide elegant looks similar to wrought iron. However, these products are more rust resistant as well suitable for a variety of finials to decorate your fences.

Ornamental steel fence panels are not only works to security your properties, but also give a perfect appearance to your house. Custom styles are also available.

Additionally, to accomplish the whole steel fencing system, steel fence gates and fence fittings are also supplied as follow:

Steel fence gates, perfectly going well with steel fences panels, are excellent to prevent against intruders and trespassers by blocking their access way. According to opening way, swing gates and sliding gates are available.

Fence fittings including steel fence brackets, hinges and finials for rod top steel fences are available.

A choice of products by applications

According to the normal applications from our customers, we list our products to facilitate selection as shown follow:

Security fencing, as its names suggests, it normally used to meet your security need, especially protecting your premises, offices and factories form any attempts of incursion or trespass. It is widely used as follow aspects: White security fencing are used to secure your prized estates, family and business.

Security fencing

Residential, commercial or industrial premises.

Hospitals and schools.

Sport stadium.


Event centers.

Parking lots and other places.

Pool fencing with narrow picket spacing, is normally installed at poolside or other areas with similar water hazards to avoid small children and pets form approaching even falling into the pool. Generally, the pool fences with smooth tops or pressed spear tops are the most commonly used type, yet as your requirements, other styles are also can be made to order.

Balustrades & handrails are also can be supplied protect children and pets form falling. Compare other products made of glass, timber and aluminum; our steel balustrade products are much stronger with low maintenance.

Palisade fencing with W or D section steel fence pales, comes with forbidding appearance to prevent would to be intruders climbing over and entering. It is normally hot dipped galvanized or PVC coated with high corrosion resistance. A range of fence tops including square tops, triple pointed tops, single pointed tops, round tops and round & notch tops can be provided in our company.


High quality material

All of all products are made of high quality steel, which makes it strong and durable regardless of the harshest weather.

Superior coating

Steel fence supplied by our company comes with four layer of coating which makes it anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, impact resistant and anti-stain.

15 years maintenance free

15 years maintenance is free thanks to its superior coating, which allow the fence panels preserve its colors for years. Once the fence is badly damaged, the only thing you need to do is just to replace the broken components. No need of replacing the whole panel at all!

Competitive prices

All steel fence products are made in house, no agent to get a profit. Owing to big volume of production output, we can purchase steel material at the lowest price than any other manufactures.

Excellent services

We not only provide our customers best products, but also are capable to offer a service of excellent services. For example, we can offer some advice about picking up the most suitable fences, tips of purchasing panels and installation instructions, etc. Meanwhile, custom designs and styles are also welcomed.