Researches show that: For vehicles parked in open air, effect will be lost twice as fast as of parked in the shed. Car Shade structure canopy can really protect the vehicle and extend the life of the vehicle.

Cantilever car shade design is the contemporary design in car parking shade structure. It is generally used in places where height is limited, owner want simple effect or cantilever length is relatively small. Especially suitable for places where height is limited! Such as residential areas, private villas, etc. The car parking shed can be create a matching look and colors combined with the local landscape. In addition, construction period will be very short. Structure is simple and beautiful because of high quality PVDF membrane.

Because the cantilever without the cable-stayed carport is a cantilever beam structure, bending moment at the bottom of the steel column is relatively large, foundation will be relatively large, steel beam is also a cantilever structure, so the section of the steel beam is also large, because the solid beam will be in the line of sight. It appears to be cumbersome, so it usually opens a rhythmic round hole at the position of the beam column without shearing, which weakens the bulkiness and forms another kind of visual taste.

Cantilever car park shade sails have a variety of choices, such as round steel pipe, H-shaped steel, variable section H-shaped steel, round pipe truss, steel square pipe and so on.

Cantilever Car Parking Sheds Advantage:

  1. Long life and environmental protection

Due to It’s flexible construction, shelter canopy tent can be partially disassembled and reused many times. The materials are all synthetic, without any toxic and harmful substances, will not have any impact to the environment. It is a green construction material. It’s useful life is several times that of traditional materials, which can reach 15-30 years.

  1. Rapid construction and good economy

Membrane and steel used in the parking shed gazebos are processed in the factory and then transported to the area for installation. This greatly reduces the construction time, facilitates large-scale production, shortens project duration and reduces wages. Membrane has a light weight and is supported by a simple frame such as steel and cable, which greatly reduces the use of materials, thereby reducing engineering cost and excellent economy.

  1. Wide choice of materials (HDPE SHADE NET/PVC/PVDF/PTFE/ETFE)

Membrane can be selected from HDPE SHADE NET,PVC, PVDF, PTFE, ETFE, depending on the application area and environment.

  1. Good Self-cleaning

Because Membrane material is coated with oil and anti-fouling coating, pneumatic structure architecture is not suitable for dust, relying on rain and wind can make membrane cleanly easily.

Car shade Structure Features:

√. Personalized Customization – We have different types of tensile structures available in various sizes, shapes, and colors depending on areas as per client’s requirement.

√. Versatile – Tensile structure is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.  Can be used in a variety of occasions around the world, including sports, transportation, business, landscape, industry, agriculture, hotels and more.

√. Aesthetical and unique designs – Take any shape and almost any size.

√. Coverage – Light weight,  Cover a large area with minimal disruptions, expanding outdoor living areas.

√. Outstanding Translucency – Provides natural lighting and reduce heat transmission.

√. High strength and intensity – Durable and long lasting nature, withstand the worst winds, the harshest sun and the wettest weather for very long life.

√. Easy to clean – Aggressive dirt can be cleaned with normal detergent soap and water.

√. Cost Effective – Perfect weldability. Ease of fabrication. Easy to install. Ease of maintenance.

√. Eco friendly – Recyclable and  Easy to move relocation or renovation.

√. Rich colors available –  Vibrant colors of membrane can create a landmark structure.

Car Shade Structure Function: 

√. All Weather protection, perfect UV resistance, Waterproof, Wind proof, Snow proof, Shake proof.

√. Completely heat and water resistant.

√. High abrasion resistance, Anti-aging, Anti-static, high light transmission.

√. Fireproof, Flame Resistant, Moisture proof, Smoke proof, Soundproof, Self-cleaning.