Starting with the production, SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED’s in-house team of experts make sure to always use high-quality materials, and keep up to date with innovation, so we can deliver the best Shades PARKING SHADE structures in Kenya. The materials used in the production of our parking shed material follow the International standards. Whether it’s our PTFE, PVC, or HDPE, we guarantee exceptional protection against the sun and heat.

These materials help us create a durable car parking shades that requires little to no maintenance and is resistant for a long time, even under extreme weather conditions. They are also perfectly suitable for creating ductile, rust resistant and super-light car park shades.

We combine the cream of the crop in terms of materials, to make great products that will guarantee protection from the sun for a long time.

When planning to install car parking shades, you should consider the opportunity to utilize the extra rooftop space to generate renewable energy. By installing Solar PV panels on the car park sheds, the structure gets a double purpose, protecting your car from the sun and becomes a great source of renewable energy. The solar car parking shades are not only contributing to the sustainability in the urban areas, but they also reduce the electricity bills.

And because car parks are public spaces that contribute to the feel of urban life, SBF also invests in an in-house team of designers and works with the best engineers and companies that work with our clients to create environmentally friendly solar car parking shades, that also complement the existing urban architecture.