Cars heat up very quickly in the sun. SBF parking shades reduce heat buildup and are a great solution for business or at home.

Car Parking Shades Tailored For You

Our reputation stimulates us to consistently deliver high-quality products

Our experts carefully manufacture and install every car park shade

The fabrics of each car park shade follow International standards

Our designs offer maximum protection and complement existing urban styles

The sweltering weather forces car owners to put extra thought into keeping their cars safe during this time of the year. The UV rays can be extremely harmful for the vehicles we are so highly dependent on. Year after year, car owners are being warned and advised on how to keep their cars safe and cool especially during the summer months.

At SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED, we come to meet the needs of both real estate developers and car owners by creating car parking shades suppliers in Dubai that will offer the car owners peace of mind when it comes to the protection of their vehicle, and real estate developers a beautifully designed and functional solution.

Because we know how essential our products are, we decided to see through the entire production process, from design to manufacturing and installation. That way, we can guarantee for the quality of each and every one of our products.