Privacy Fence Screen is composed of heavy-duty knitted net measured approximately 6ft-12ft depending on the client’s preference, suitable for any fence height, it can be customized.

NB: Please accurately measure your fence before purchase.

High density knitting process provides the fence screen with 90% visibility blockage while allows air and breeze to go through freely. It will not make the area cramped visually.

Windbreak and privacy net

Shade netting not only provides protection from the sun and high temperatures, but it is also an effective windbreak.

As a privacy net it also provides appropriate privacy for construction projects and workers if the project requires it. It assures an agreeable aesthetic for the building under construction with its surroundings

NB: One of the advantages of shade netting is that in addition to protecting construction areas from the sun and heat, it also protects them from the wind.

Our UV stabilized plastic nets do not show change in appearance or in mechanical properties, such as discoloring, cracks from stretching, and reduction of mechanical strength, elasticity, and durability.

Perimeter Screens can also be used to protect the facility/property with a limited number of access points to a number that you can easily and actively control. In some cases, a standard fencing could be enough to protect the facility, keeping out potential intruders or animals.

Perimeter fences are also used to mark land boundaries between two different properties. This is not a new practice in property management; estate agents actually recommend the construction of fences to indicate boundaries even around undeveloped land.