We at SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED are expertise in Designing, Manufacturing, and Installation of all kinds of outdoor car parking shades with waterproof and non-waterproof fabric covering. Due to frequent demands from the market, the parking shades have become ideal for villas where the demand for the protection of cars is huge.

Unlike other normal parking shades, our parking shade not only provides shading for your cars but also provides aesthetic attraction in the villas. Our car parking shades are readily made and designed to endure the high wind pressures, high temperatures, and humidity as the climatic condition changes frequently in Kenya.

While you are going to make the parking shade for your vehicle as a safety of your car, remember that a beautifully fabrication of Metal structure can give your parking space a nice and good look as well. Good quality Metal Fabrication work will provide long last result and protecting your vehicle from direct sun rays, dust and Rainfall.

The code behind our thriving assets is our profitable product range highlighting strong design, perfect dimensions, user-friendly operation, hassle free maintenance and competing prices.

Due to our client-centric product designs, we enjoy directing huge resources, which have become feasible due to our certified Manufacturing process. Our purpose is to offer innovative products emphasizing exceptional levels of quality and accomplishment. To accomplish the goals, we are encouraging the market perspicacity by building a close connection with our esteemed customers. Further, we strengthened the acquirement of best suited raw materials by developing a total quality management principle in our business relations with industry leading vendors. In extension to this, we have enlarged our product reach and made a groundbreaking achievement in the field due to the vital planning and all modern production facilities supporting the technology and production capability.