AN ECONOMICAL & EASY WAY TO OBTAIN PRIVACY: 90% visibility blockage;

Our objective is to assist clients with various implementations of their projects, understand their specific needs and to provide high-quality, professional service designed to fulfil the client expectations.

Good fences make good neighbors. Get some privacy fence ideas that’ll make your home a little safer from intruders and keep that nosy neighbor of yours out of your business. With a privacy fence installed, you are free to relax and enjoy your privacy the way you to want.

A privacy fence offers your home a layer of peaceful isolation that you can’t get with other fencing products.

WIND RESISTANT & EASY INSTALLMENT: Fence privacy screen, wind barrier windscreen.

Fencing, as a privacy barrier around your property helps to block nosey neighbors from see through; It adds privacy to your swimming pool area, acre backyard fence backdrop, front yard, patio, garden and porch; hide street, road, construction site; block surrounding noise and street view using green mesh privacy screen from SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED which looks nice and natural.

There are so many great designs and style choices available to bring gorgeous and elegant designer features to your home exterior. The options available to add fantasy and eye-catching appeal to your garden include simple design or even intricate detailed fences for the garden of spectacular style.

Outdoor privacy is becoming more important for Kenyan home owners. They can even serve as an extension of your fence, or any other specific area you on your compound.