Durable, Safe And Long Lasting

Concrete block paving is exceptionally versatile, making it ideal for highly trafficked pedestrian or vehicle areas. The SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED Bricks commercial range includes paving thicknesses from 60mm, suitable for light vehicle and pedestrian trafficking, through to 80mm thick paving which is able to withstand trafficking from heavy vehicles in applications such as ports, airports, container yards and other commercial locations.

Our commercial paving products have excellent slip resistance and abrasion properties. Unpolished slip / skid resistance value when tested to Annex I is Low. Abrasion resistance value when tested to Annex G is Class 4. SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED Bricks installations can easily be reinstated following work or installation of underground services providing additional long-term value and enduring aesthetic appeal.

Easy To Install And Maintain

The small modular units of concrete block paving are easy to install enabling projects to be completed quickly and with minimal disruption. Our range of sizes and the ability to cut concrete blocks provide high levels of flexibility during installation. This is important to consider particularly when laying paving around existing infrastructure such as street signage or furniture. In addition to traditional hand lay products, we are also able to supply many of our commercial block paving products in machine lay format