SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED provides solutions to business, architects, and contractors. When you need staircase canopy covers, stairway shade covers, walkway covers, we build to spec. Our process is advanced and the results mean a seamless integration of our product into your project. We provide overhead support canopies that improve the experience of visitors and employees to commercial buildings, schools, and public service facilities.

Overhead Supported Canopies

Bus and Parent Drop-off Canopies — Covered metal walkways mean faster pickup and drop off procedures using a design that offers sturdy construction even in the worst weather. The covered area allows students at the bus and parent drop off to queue in all kinds of weather, including hot days. Add in aluminum roofing with a built-in drainage system and your project takes on a quality canopy with a long life cycle and low maintenance costs.

Storefront Entryways — Create a welcoming entrance canopy and covered walkway that improves shopper experience on hot days and during rainy weather. Our metal canopies improve the overall appearance of a building adding class and charm which helps to attract customers.

Dock Covers — Improve the look and conditions of your dock with structured beam dock covers. They add an all season approach and help to attract year-round boating clients.

Staircase Cover Canopies — Helps improve the look and safety of outdoor stairways with an overhead supported canopy. In commercial settings, multifamily properties, and government buildings, an overhead supported canopy helps keep stairs dry during wet months and shaded during the hotter months of the year.

Loading Area Carports — Helps to keep goods protected while loading and offloading and create a welcoming entrance for valet parking pickup and drop off at restaurants and events. See examples of cantilevered canopy drawings and specs.

Balcony Covers — Help to improve the look and livability score of apartments, condos, and offices. Our balcony supported canopies are perfect for restaurants, multifamily dwellings, and outdoor areas of commercial buildings.

Canopy Manufacturer

SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED provides customized overhead supported canopies for schools, government buildings, and commercial buildings. Our designs help improve the overall look and appeal of a property while improving the experience of employees, students, and shoppers. When you need to add style and functionality to your building project, turn to SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED, your leading canopy manufacturer in Kenya. We offer a vast variety of products that fit any building need.