Car Park Shade Sails

Keeping the heat or the rain away from your cars no longer requires a garage or multi story car park as our protective awnings offer a cost effective, stylish solution.

Providing rain and shade these covers are available in a wide range of colours and designs to match their surroundings. Easy to maintain and built to withstand any weather and they can be installed in most domestic and commercial settings with ease.

Car Ports

Shade Sails protect your valuable cars, boats and Caravan from the harsh Sun. It also provides that aesthetic appearance to enhance the value of your property.

If our vehicles need protection from extreme weather conditions, falling leaves and droppings from birds. Then a shade sail is the answer. When your vehicle is parked under the shade sail even during a hot day, you can get in and drive away without having to wait a long time for the vehicle to cool. We provide both shade sail and waterproof membrane structures.

At SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED, we offer custom made shade sails in colours of your choice. The UV protection varies from 90 to 97% depending on the fabric and the colour of your shade sail fabric.

The design will be an aesthetically pleasing shade sail that will blend with the environment. Shade sails are made in our own factory/workshop in Nairobi. We make the shade sails ourselves and are therefore cheaper than many others market competitors.

NB: We can even design and install a shade sail within a very short period of time.

We have provided high quality shade sails and structures for Child-care centers, pre-schools, schools, car ports, back yard sails, shade sails to cover the deck, swimming pools, BBQ area, shade sails for Animal Hospitals, shade sails for fisheries and Universities.

Because we make the shade sails ourselves and install the sails by ourselves, customers get fantastic prices for their desired covers and shades in a vast variety of colours, sizes and shapes. Our commercial and residential sun cover sail shades and awnings are highly appreciated for absolute customer satisfaction as well as durable and exotic beauty enhancements.


Keeping the elements and other debris off of your vehicle is one of the obvious benefit to installing a carport cover/ shade sail car park. As these types of cover are usually suspended you get maximum use of the ground area. No bumping into posts or walls of a permanent structure when you are parking the car, and no knocks on the edges of the doors when getting out.  Car parking areas can be made to look stylish.