Which Sail Shape Is The Best?

Aside from the size, fabric, colour, and weight, the shape is one of the most important features that you must consider when purchasing a shade for your property. As mentioned earlier, the purpose of the shade sail will greatly impact how you will choose a specific shape.
The shape you choose must serve the main purpose why you are installing the shade sail in the first place. The following are some of the available shapes of the sails you can commonly find in the market along with their purpose and benefits.

• Triangular Shade Sails
A triangular shade sail or three-sided shade sail is very flexible which is why it is the best option if the installation area is small or narrow. Additionally, a triangular shade sail only has one fixing point where it will be easy for you to get creative when installing it.
Compared to square and rectangle shade sail shapes, a triangular shade is less likely to sag and ballon up due to its shape as long as it is properly tensioned. However, you will never have to worry as triangle shades sails provide better tension which keeps it in position for a longer period.

Another good thing about triangle shade sail is the unlimited design it can provide its user. For example, you can create a layering with two or more triangular shade sails. You can play with any design that you can think of when you install the shade on your property.
The only disadvantage of the triangular shade sail is that it is usually too small to cover a large area. You will need two or more shade sail just to make sure that an entire area is protected. But even though you will combine multiple shade sails to cover a large space, there will still be a gap in between the shades where the sunray may penetrate or the rain might seep through.