Shade Sail Provides Protection From Different Elements.

It can be handy with shade sails in your home as you can enjoy outdoor activities without exposing yourself directly to the sun. Also, you can be protected from slight rains and drizzles.

Therefore, choosing shade sail amongst other shades is the best decision if you live in an area with frequent strong winds and storms.

What is the Cost of a Shade Sail?

The cost of a shade sail depends on its size.

What colour Shade Sail is best?

When looking for maximum UV protection and cooling, a dark coloured shade sail is your option. Dark colors like brown, navy blue or black absorbs more UV rays compared to light colors hence making the area beneath the shade cooler.

How to Install a Shade Sail?

Before you start installing your shade sail, it’s very vital to put the following into consideration;

Attaching Shade Sail to Existing Supports.

Yes, you can also attach your shade sails on existing supports like;

When attaching your shade sail on a tree, ensure that the tree’s diameter where the sail shade would be fixed has a diameter of at least 250mm. However, attaching them on trees should be temporary.

If you want to fix your shade sail to a fascia, go ahead, fascia support goes a long way. It connects the trusses’ overhangs to fascia ledgers, thus providing a strong connection and enhanced strength between the two.