We dedicate ourselves in providing THE solution to your needs. The combination of sheer hard work together with our single minded passion results in stunning shade sails. We are committed to giving our customers a high quality product.

Shade Sails in Kenya

Sun shade sail awnings, also known as stretch tension awnings, are sail-like structures designed to provide relief from the brutal sun.  They are perfect for pools, patios, courtyards, gardens, parks and playgrounds.

Our sun shade sails are made of tensioned fabric which can be easily curved, angled and overlapped into a great range of soaring forms.  Various overlapping shade sails provide aesthetically pleasing designs while accomplishing your shade goals.

Sun shade sails provide a contemporary, elegant look to your outdoor living space.

Triangular shade sail? Trapezium? Hyper sail shade? Or simply square shade?

Whatever the shape you may dream, each shade that we install is carefully designed and crafted to offer an optimum coverage from the sun and the rain!

From a 90% micro perforated knitted sunshade to waterproof fabric allowing airflow, the installation of shade sail not only brings a luxurious extension to your living space while increasing its value.


1 year warranty on frame

1 year warranty on fabric

1 year warranty on finish

Let’s see together how we can plan and provide a new stylish appearance to your residential and/or commercial unused space.