Retractable fold arm

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Folding Arms Awnings are exterior shading systems with the retractable arms that are often used to provide protection from the sun or inclement weather while complementing any external facade. Typically positioned over windows or exterior doors, a sheet of canvas stretched by a frame with a roller tube at the top, spring-loaded and retractable arms at both side, and is used to keep the hazards of weather from entering to a room. Larger versions of the awning are sometimes utilized to provide cover for patio areas along the back of a house. The unique folding arm design means that the retractable awnings do not require any posts or frames, therefore keeping the area below free from obstruction.

Canvas (Awnings with sides) are commonly known as traditional style awnings as they have been used for many years dating back to the early 19th century using cotton canvas fabric. Traditional style awnings are appropriate for historical buildings, but now you may not see as popular as Retractable Awnings.


  1. Hand Cranked Control
  2. Motorized Control
  3. Remote Transmission Control
  4. Wind/Sun Sensor Control
  5. Centralized Control

Retractable awning systems allow you to Control the amount of shading you require, with the following benefits:

Wide range of fabrics with varying degrees of light transfer and UV protection

Powder coated frames, standard white, other colours on request

Arm lengths from 2.1m up to 3.5m depending on area of shade required

Retracts back against wall when not required, bringing light into your home

Motorized or manual crank operation available