Fabric Canopies

Particularly when the weather is unpredictable, having structures in place that are flexible to the needs of your organisation, office or home and the people within it is so important to creating a positive environment, regardless of the weather conditions. By implementing our versatile canopy and cover solutions for outdoor spaces, you can make the most of the spaces available to you at all times of the year.

We work with clients all over Kenya to provide elegant, practical and versatile solutions to improve their outdoor spaces, including fabric canopies.

Fabric canopies are simple to install, highly durable and easily adaptablemaking them a popular option for a wide variety of different sectors. Using fabric canopies, we can help our clients create shaded spaces in the summer, and covered areas during the rainy season, to give the people who use your buildings and environments access to practical, comfortable outdoor space year-round.

We have been designing, manufacturing and installing fabric canopies for clients for over 5 years, and are passionate about maximising the potential of communal outdoor areas. If you’re interested in covering solutions for outdoor spaces, including fabric canopiesplease don’t hesitate to contact us and find out more about how we can help.

What is a Fabric Canopy?

A fabric canopy usually consists of steel or timber posts, supporting a shade cloth or waterproof PVC fabric material covering. The most common example is a shade sail, which are used at schools, businesses and homes to create a shaded space outside. Usually, the fabric can be detached to be washed or protected during heavy rain.