Shade Cloth/Shade sail is an outdoor fabric shade solution to create cover where you want protection from the sun, or to provide some privacy and to reduce wind. We’ve narrowed our selection of this type of fabric down to these choices:


Cable-tensioned shade sails and sun shades are heavy-duty, all-weather, taut fabric canopies that filter out the sun’s rays without putting you completely in the dark. They are offered in everything from squared and rectangular shapes to triangular, hexagonal and diamond designs. Overlapping two or three layers is a great way to add an architectural element to any outdoor space. The amount of light filtered out by the fabric is determined by the type of fabric that is used. Every fabric offered by us is of an extended-life, commercial-grade, high-quality material. They are designed for longevity, and they resist tearing, fraying, sagging, or wearing thin.

More than just shelter from the sun or UV rays, shade sails also block sight lines for privacy purposes. Sun screens also limit wind transferal, protecting gardens or lawns. Many use these screens as pergola, patio or playground covers or in sun rooms.

Key Features