Outdoor Sun Sail Canopy.

Whether you’re looking for year round use or just for summer shade, for a place to relax or for al fresco dinning with family and friends our shade structures enhance both traditional and contemporary settings and will give you pleasure this year and for many years to come.

Our premium quality sails tailor made to fit an existing structure or space. We will help you to design the layout and then once the fixings are in place you can send us the required dimensions or we can arrange for a survey to be carried out.

With a made to measure sail, and our technical support, we are be able to install the sail with the minimum of effort and get the best possible results.

We are happy to provide suggestions on suitable arrangements and advise on typical support loads and mast sizes. However, you should consult a qualified local engineer, like SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED if you are planning to fix the sail to a supporting structure like your house or a garden wall.



Sun shade sail awnings, also known as stretch tension awnings, are sail-like structures designed to provide relief from the brutal sun.  They are perfect for pools, patios, courtyards, gardens, parks and playgrounds.

Our sun shade sails are made of tensioned fabric which can be easily curved, angled and overlapped into a great range of soaring forms. Various overlapping shade sails provide aesthetically pleasing designs while accomplishing your shade goals.

Sun shade sails provide a contemporary, elegant look to your outdoor living space.