Shade Sails

We offer two main types of Shade Sails. Shade Sails can be supplied either in a fixed version (tensioned or non-tensioned) or with the motorised or manual retractable version. Our team can supply a range of solutions for our customers needs.

Fixed Shade Sails

Fixed shade Sails are a great low cost solution for large garden shading. Fixed Shade Sails can be supplied for shading without any motor or Manual closing option. Available in a range of Sizes and colours. Can be installed Wall to wall, wall to post or post to post. Enquire with our team on your requirements. We offer:

Motorised Shade Sails.

Motorised Shade Sails offer the ability to shade larger areas than normally possible with Awnings and umbrellas. They can be attached to an existing structure and manually opened and closed or operated via a Motor.

Pylons can be fitted where no existing mounting structure exists

The pylons allow for a more efficient tension system and increased flexibility of the sunsail.

As a consequence, the motorised shade sails are able to withstand wind speeds above the prescribed limit of 40 km/h without suffering damage.

An additional feature of the pylons is to manually adjust the fabric on each pylon meaning that the fabric can be lowered when the sun changes in the sky.

The Shade Sails are manufactured by SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIITED and Feature a 3 year Warranty against specified defects. Contact our team on the form below or call our team on +25498882837 to discuss your options.


Prices will vary for Shade Sails depending on the sizes, Type of shade Sail, Posts and fixation options.

Let us know the size you require and we can give you pricing for your shade Sail.

For tensioned and non-tensioned Shade Sails.