We provide organizations with the single-source solution for tension fabric shade structures: custom design, engineering, manufacturing, & construction

Fabric shade structures can be commercial shade sails; frame-supported shade canopies; tensile structures; permanent shade umbrellas; or any commercial shade canopy with cable-tensioned shade cloth.

Tension fabric structures are beautiful with advantages over conventional sun canopies, awnings & tents.  See Shade Cover Structure Advantages.

They’re ideal for patios, parking lots, pools, playgrounds, walkways, building entrances, waiting areas, car washes, bleachers, sport play areas, etc.


We’re a design-manufacturing-build contractor of custom shade sail structures for commercial and industrial use. Each cable-tensioned fabric structure is engineered to site-specific building code.

Don’t let their good looks fool you.  They’re commercial tough with steel cables in perimeter hems to keep them drum tight and prevent wind vibration.  Corners are reinforced with multiple fabric layers and strapping.  We use UV-resistant thread for all seams. 

Commercial shade sails enable maximum design flexibility.  They can attach to buildings yet be considerably bigger than conventional awnings.  Or, they can have columns to be stand-alone shade structures. The cable-tensioned fabrics can be any polygon shape (e.g. triangles, squares, rectangles, etc.).  There can be multiple sail fabrics of differing shapes and colors.  Sail shade fabrics can overlap.

But the real “wow” happens with hyperbolic curves!  This is done by varying the height of adjacent corners on sails with four or more sides, which warps the fabric into 3D.     

Custom shade sails provide permanent shade protection. Regardless of implementation, they make beautiful sun blocks!

Customer satisfaction is assured because we provide single vendor accountability for all project phases including custom design, engineering, fabrication & construction.