At SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED create cool, comfortable and beautiful outdoor spaces that visitors love, kids and families enjoy, and employees appreciate. For high-quality, affordable, long-lasting shade structures, choose SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED – leader in commercial shade sail systems. Our quality, in-house shade structures and tensile sails will provide lasting sun protection for any outdoor areas.

Shade sails aren’t just useful for providing cooling shade, they also block out UV rays that can burn and damage your skin.

UV protection means blocking the ultraviolet light from reaching you. Just as sunscreen helps protect your skin from UV damage, our Sun Shades block most of the ultraviolet rays.

At SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED, we offer a variety of Commercial 95 colors and all the fabrics significantly reduce temperatures beneath the structure.  The high-density polyethylene material in this shade is knitted instead of woven to help the heat pass through. This helps keep your outdoor area cooler as well as keeping the sun off of you. You’ll get 90 percent UV protection and fabric that’s resistant to stains, mold, and mildew.

Choosing a color for your shade sail can be difficult when you are in the planning or purchasing phase.  Your choice may come down to what appeals to you, but some will argue there are some functional reasons to choose a light or dark color.  The argument is if you are looking for maximum cooling and UV protection.

We haven’t noted a noticeable difference in temperatures based on colors and believe you shouldn’t choose a fabric color based on the perceived temperature reducing ability.  All colors will do a great job in our opinion, so if you want a darker color, get it. If you want a lighter color, that will work just fine and produce shade just as good.