Prevent rainy days from ruining your business- Increase seating capacity during rainy and sunny days with our motorized retractable awning systems.

No more moving customers inside when it starts raining. Let your customers experience joyful outdoor atmosphere unlike any other. And see your business grow!

Our motorized outdoor shades provide privacy and protection against sun, heat, wind, rain and insects. This add on aesthetically complements Pergola Roof awning systems by fully enclosing your patio, balcony or terrace, and retracts with a remote control. It withstands strong winds up to 50 miles, provides micro air circulation and water resistance. 

Automated aluminum pergola for your home and business

Automated pergola is a contemporary patio covering solution made of a robust aluminum structure and equipped with a retractable roof that is designed to resist even the most unfavorable weather conditions.

Aluminum pergola creates a pleasant terrace retreat where one can enjoy fresh air and yet be shielded from the elements such as wind, direct sunlight or rain in the backyard of your home or business space. Hotel, restaurant and cafe owners will find automated pergolas especially beneficial as they extend the outdoor terrace season and increase the flow of customers.

Our motorized pergolas can be used to cover small patio areas of 5m² to large commercial spaces of up to 260m². You can choose from a number of different constructions and shapes, roof and side coverings, lighting and heating systems and automation options.

There are two main types of pergolas: those with a retractable cover with guiderails (typically canvas) or louvered roof (made up of lamellae)