A canopy is an overhead roof that is constructed to give shade and shelter. It protects the building from the natural elements and helps in keeping the home cool. It can also be a tent without a floor. It is generally a covering that is attached to the outside of a house. It is built to cover the exterior of windows and doors on a building. As an architectural projection, it enhances the look of a building. A canopy can also be constructed near the building and stand alone and can be made of fabric. This is called a cabana or a gazebo.

The canopy is constructed as a roof that is attached to the building with the support of two upright supporting posts. The support cannot be less than two. Over this frame made of metal or aluminum (that is strong and corrosion resistant), one can have a fabric or metal covering it. The canopies can be made of fabric, which are generally strong, long lasting, fire resistant, created with beautiful designs having bright colors. Earlier only canopies of striped material were used. Now many colorful options are available to suit the buildings exterior.  It can also be made of corrugated fiberglass. Nowadays you can have canopies made of polycarbonate sheeting material. It is versatile, maintenance free and shatterproof.

Canopies add to the architectural beauty of a building. They are available in a whole range of materials and colors. You can have the color and design to suit the building. Canopies can be used as patio covers. It can also be used over play areas attached to buildings. Canopies can be installed quite easily within a short span of time and is very convenient to use. Canopies can be built as extended cover for buildings. They can act as patio covers, car ports, a sun cover or a covered walkway.

In these days of global warming, the canopy protects the building acting as an energy saver. They also make a building cool. They provide shade near the building. The canopies provide shelter from strong winds and the heat to the sun.