Pergolas can give you shelter in your garden, but by adding glass around the sides of the structure and on the roof, you can effectively add another room to your home.

Some reasons to invest in sliding glass on your pergola.

When you install a pergola, you probably have an idyllic image of using it in the blazing sunshine: that doesn’t mean that it can’t still be used at all times of year in different weather conditions, though. Glass around the outside can only protect your friends and family from the elements, but it can also protect furniture from getting damaged.

You probably invested in a pergola to enjoy when it’s warmest and glass doesn’t compromise this. Whilst adding a roof cover to your pergola would make you feel a little enclosed, a pergola with glass will still feel firmly rooted in the garden.

With glass all around your pergola, you can install blinds around the outside to help shield you from the sun if need be. This makes your pergola a lot more multifunctional, as you can choose to let the sun in or keep it out, depending on the situation.

Which glass is good for pergola?

Toughened glass

 It is better to use toughened glass for the pergola. In case it breaks, the damage would be lesser compared to a regular glass panel. The glass panel too should be placed in a sloped manner to ensure that the rainwater flows effortlessly. Besides, it is easier to clean too.