Conservatories and Orangeries are both highly versatile rooms with lots to offer as home improvements, but which is the right choice for your property?

Having a Conservatory or Orangery installed on your property is an excellent way of gaining extra living space, enjoying natural light all year round and increasing the value of your property.

These multi-purpose spaces feature a high proportion of energy efficient glazing, letting you enjoy a great deal of natural light from the warmth of the indoors. They are truly versatile and can be put to a variety of uses including as places to relax, entertain, study or – as they were originally intended – to provide a sheltered place for plants to grow.

They also offer homeowners who wish to add more living space an alternative to moving to a new property or embarking on a more significant and costly home extension.

So if you’re planning a Conservatory or Orangery, which is the right choice for your home? To find the answers we need to go right back to where it all began.


Our conservatories are extremely versatile and can be tailored to meet your specification.

The conservatories that we install will completely transform your home, giving you extra living space that you can enjoy all year around.

Intelligently constructed from, and designed with the help of layers insulated composite panels, a market-leading solid conservatory.

Lean-To Conservatory

Lean-To conservatories are one of the most popular choices for property owners with restricted space. A contemporary design, aided by slim sightlines to give a modern flare.

Our home improvement experts offer a hassle free installation for this beautifully versatile design, helping you to keep the cost of installation to an absolute minimum.

Victorian Conservatory

This Conservatory style is based on the traditional appearance of the Victorian era. A stylish conservatory, seamlessly combining modern technology and vintage architecture.

Available in a three or five facet depending on the available space and your preferences. Our Victorian conservatories allow you to enjoy panoramic views of your garden.

Gable-End Conservatory

Gable-end conservatories are ideal for larger, detached homes. The high and extensive roof structure maximise the natural light entering the conservatory, making for a well ventilated and welcoming room complete with an impressive high roof.

Our gable-end conservatories are well known for their fantastic energy saving values, thanks mainly to the structure of the roof.

Edwardian Conservatory

A highly recognisable symmetrical box design, based on the appealing styles of the late Edwardian period.

For customers hoping to create more of an everyday living environment, this stylish build could be a great starting point.

The square design makes it easy to arrange and place furniture inside and offers maximum floor space.

P-Shaped Conservatory

Armour Windows are most proud of our p-shaped conservatories, large enough to be used as a multi-functioning room.

P-shaped is essentially two styles of conservatories that are stitched together to make one large structure, creating two separate living spaces.

An outdoor office and living space perhaps? Kitchen and kids play space? The choice is yours.