Glass garden verandas may be tiny additions but they still increase the value of your home with the beauty they flaunt. Glass verandas are ideal for people who would like to increase their living room area to the backyard garden or just want to relax so as not to get disturbed while reading newspapers. Glass verandas can protect your furniture, patio, and windows from the Sun.

Importance of these Verandas

Carefully-selected and correctly-installed glass verandas can provide great protection from the ever-changing weather in Kenya. The roof normally has a thickness of about 8 mm and is made from toughened glass which can tone down the intensity of Sun rays and endure all kinds of temperatures

Rain pours every now and then in Kenya. However, there should not be a cause for concern because glass garden verandas are carefully designed and well protected from different kinds of weather conditions. Therefore, instead of running away into your house when it rains surprisingly, you can move under the glass veranda, relax on your furniture, and admire the lovely rain!

Where are they ideal?

A glass veranda can be used to relax during the hot summer season as it provides a more delicate use of your backyard and patio in the evenings more importantly when you have a suitable lighting and heating system. It is important to remain outdoors for a longer period of time with low voltage spotlights and infrared halogen heating to ensure the use of glass veranda as a comfortable and permanent addition to the living space of your house. By doing this, you are literally merging the indoors with the outdoors to present yourself with an appealing space to spend a great deal of time by just relaxing or hanging out with family and friends.

As they are perfect for all kinds of enjoyment or relaxing, they ensure that even when it is raining, visitors can come out into your patio while still remaining warm. During the daytime when the sun becomes too hot to bear, awnings can be placed under the roof of glass veranda to limit the amount of sunlight penetrating the glass and consequently controlling the temperature.

How to maintain them

Normally, a majority of the glass verandas are maintenance-free but if you are very sensitive regarding the cleanliness of your house and want your roof to remain clear of any kind of dust and debris, you can obtain the glass veranda equipped with an enhanced gutter feature. It also comprises of few supporting poles to offer you with an unhindered view of your gorgeous backyard as you have a delightful evening tea with your mates. Even after use for plenty of years, the awning of your glass veranda will not become weathered, dirty, or stained.

Their cost

Depending upon thickness, width, and installation charges, Cost of glass garden verandas can vary from. Verandas are so popular because they are a lot cheaper when compared to conservatories or glass rooms. Depending on your budget, you can have a glass garden veranda installed from metal or wood. Planning permission is not commonly required for a standard sized glass veranda and you can purchase different versions that can be put together easily by yourself.