Pergola awnings give you flexibility all year round. Enjoy a BBQ on the patio or have friends and family over to watch a game of rugby under the stars. Drop down screens can easily be incorporated into all our pergola roof systems, turning your outdoor space into a sheltered entertainment area. We can work with any existing structure and ensure that your pergola awning compliments the entire design.

If you’d like to find out more about how pergola awnings can enhance your outdoor space, why not give us a call today and receive a free, non-obligatory quote.

Unlike umbrellas, this cover won’t blow away!  The Retractable pergola awning is the newest innovation in outdoor-style retractable patio covers. With an amazing ability to master inclement weather, the awning unfolds with the push of a button, guaranteeing use of your outdoor space.

Most residential awning installations actually replace older fixed/stationary awnings… If you own our pergola retractable awning you’re probably not surprised – as you already appreciate the many benefits of owning a high quality, custom shading solution;.

Once you have experienced outdoor living the way it’s supposed to be, it’s easy to understand the value of a better solution.  The retractable pergola awning is also an excellent value for businesses.  When it comes to expanding your outdoor dining – it perfectly fills the gap between the pros, cons and price points of stationary awnings and full-blown renovations.


Own a restaurant, hotel, bar or cafe with outdoor seating?  Imagine not having to shuffle patrons inside when the weather turns…  Not booking interior space in the off chance of inclement weather for large bookings?  Create that “closed in” feeling and protection without actually closing your patrons in with our custom-made retractable pergola awnings.

The retractable pergola awning is capable of spanning an amazing 26′ projection with no interior support posts – Perfect for maximizing a restaurant table arrangement.  With its aluminum framework effortlessly and naturally integrating optional solar shades to enclose the perimeter, this is our most popular model.  While integrated rainwater management is standard on this model, lights and sound are optional.