1. Personal customization-You decide exactly how you want your metal carport to look. From the roof style to the metal color, we provide you with the options you need to make it your own.
  2. Financing available-Not sure that you can afford a custom metal carport? Talk to us about the financing options we have in select states.
  3. Delivery & Installation-If you are in one of our service areas, we will deliver your metal carport. Not only that, but we will also provide expert installation.
  4. Free quote-We will provide you with a no-obligation quote on your custom metal carport. Just reach out to our team for help.
  5. Competitive pricing-We focus on offering you premium quality metal carports at prices you’ll love. We offer competitive pricing on all our products


The metal carport is the most simple of all our metal buildings. While carports may be simple, they have a variety of uses and can add value to your property while protecting your vehicle from nature’s elements. Metal carports can be used to provide a picnic area or to provide shade for your landscaping tools. Carports can be added to any of our other metal garages and buildings or installed as a stand-alone building. Our carports can be custom made to fit your needs and designed to optimize curb appeal. We offer a variety of options for our carport and metal buildings, including a variety of colors, and free color match. You may consider additional panels for the sides of your carport to keep the blowing rain off of your vehicles or equipment. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect metal carport for your needs. Call us to speak with one of our metal building experts today!


Determine the best options for your needs

When it comes to designing a brand new metal carport, the options can feel almost overwhelming. What kind of roof do you want? How big do you want the carport to be? These are all important questions to ask yourself. After all, when you invest in a brand new structure of any kind for your property, you want to get the most for your money. Here at SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED, we specialize in helping people customize the ideal structure for their needs. We will work with you to make sure that your new metal carport will offer the functionality you seek while providing excellent aesthetics as well. Check out a few of the things you should consider as you go about customizing your metal carport.

If you have been wanting to invest in a new carport but the idea of a one-size-fits-all approach has dissuaded you, we invite you to check out the vast array of customizable options we provide. Whether you need just a little extra space or you opt to pair a new carport with a new custom metal garage, we can help you choose the ideal fit for your property.