Great outdoors are always refreshing to the mind and to the lovers of the great greens. This is a special feature of backyard landscaping ideas that would blow your backyard away! In no particular order, with a little bias on our side, these are the chosen few from backyards all over the world

1. Fire Pits
Warm up chilly sun-downers with the best fire pits that are fueled by either gas or wood. This can be used with different fire media like lava rock, fire glass, or ceramic log sets. These can create a literal fire-breathing dragon that adds warmth and ambiance to an outdoor space. Creatively speaking, there is no limit when it comes to design of the actual fire pits.

2. Dual And Triple Function Elements
Design can create elements with multiple purposes suitable for small backyards. It is intriguing to see how basic ingredients of landscaping blend in to serve different functions.

3. Mazeras Stone
Whether matte or polished, mazeras stone tiles form a splendid form of hard landscaping for a backyard. Use it to demarcate paths or just as decoration on open space. Furthermore, natural stone tiles create a cool environment, feels sensational to walk on barefoot and glisten beautifully, especially when water is sprinkled on the surface.

4. Fish Pond
Bragging rights: a pond in the backyard. Some people are likely to jump in once in a while, most would prefer to just stare at it from the edge. Whichever preference, a personal water feature is always an add to green backyard space. Not to forget, the rhythmic melody of water falling down the rocks is very soothing.

5. Floating Pottery
One particular planter technology, possibly from the year 3018, is the one using a powerful magnet pushing against an electromagnetic base—to actually suspend plants in mid-air! How cool is that! It also rotates! Due to limited weight that could be magnetically supported, this is possible for small table top planters only. However, this is still an exciting way to surprise guests at the next outdoor cocktail. Wizardry!

6. Reflective Mirrors
Mirrors are commonly used indoors to create the illusion of space and light. Circular mirrors were used in a backyard in Madrid, Spain to revamp an otherwise dull, blank boundary wall. They are cylindrical and adjustable to make them both glare and heat proof. They are fixed onto a framework that also acts as an anchor for climbing plants. The residents enjoy a spectacular show of light during the day and night. There reflective mirrors are available to in various shops around the city

7. Birdhouses
Other beings also live in our backyards. Create convenient, beautiful environments that meet the needs of animal neighbours too. This will not only attract more birds to your backyard but their presence brings along their sweet chimes, especially in the morning.

8. Bird Feeders
Take your love for the birds a notch higher by getting them a bird feeder too. A bird feeder somewhere in your backyard or patio is sure to attract the chirping of birds as they stop by for a meal every so often.