We offer bespoke, made to measure outdoor canopies which can be either lean-to style or free standing. Equivalent to a “Room Outside“, they are perfect for a patio or can be used to provide shelter or a storage area. They are equivalent to a permanent awning.

Clothesline Canopies are an all-weather solution to drying your laundry outdoors 365 days a year.
Our covers are solid, weatherproof and made from premium quality materials.

Just some of the Benefits!

A clothesline that comes with a cover; it is solid, weatherproof and made from premium quality materials. Designed with an engineer, it’s a permanent structure, guaranteed for 5 years. Delivery anywhere in Kenya

Have freshly dried washing, outdoors, all year round, and save money! Weather will no longer dictate when you wash. No need to wait for “good drying” days, use your all-weather covered clothes canopy from SBF INTERIORS AND OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED anytime.

Eliminate Costly Tumble Dryer.
No shrinkage or damage.

Drying laundry inside can be harmful to your health and can incur costly maintenance caused by damp and mould. Dry your washing naturally outside, no shrinkage or damage and safe from sudden downpours.

The outdoor canopy is the perfect covering for any outdoor setting especially with Kenya’s unpredictable weather!

Save Time, Money & Energy